Nezha is an independent European luxury brand creating beautiful and imaginative high fashion runway dresses. We are a unique brand making one of a kind luxury pieces seen nowhere else. Employing classical tailoring Nezha tailoring methods are combined to deliver tighter waist line and broader shoulders. This traditional quality yet fashion forward aesthetics is unique to the brand ethos. A Nezha dress will form the cornerstone of the wearer's wardrobe for years to come. Moreover, we designed dresses with a unique feature of changeable underskirts that give the appearance of a lady-like look. We deliver high quality Haute Couture pieces with textiles that are uniquely chosen from Italian textile factories, each piece is carefully crafted. Nezha silk dresses are suitable for grand events, official celebrations or just for dressy occasions. You can also order a dress by request. You can do so by contacting the designer in the experience department. Our pieces are tailored with special alterations in widening the bust and minimising the waist and lifting the waist to make your statue look thinner and longer. All our couture pieces are handmade in Europe. 
Nezha dresses are designed for demanding customers living the luxury lifestyle that aquire high quality design and textile. Also, the dresses are tailored to perfect your body. The puffiness of the skirt makes you look tres chic.