Dear Customers,
I created this brand to connect ladies with luxury one of a kind ladylike womans wear and accessible haute couture dresses. My design implements innocence into the pieces but at the same time delivers elegance and classiness to each piece. One of my couture pieces will last you a lifetime. Using only unique and high quality materials from textile factories in Italy, I chose the garments very precisely looking at each detail. I like to combine different types of silk and silk combined textures for a doll like look. You can mix and match silk organza underskirts with your Nezha dress.
Neza, born in Slovenia lived her life in London and Monaco. When she was four years old her family moved to the United Kingdom due to her fathers work and title. She attended a boarding school in the UK then returned to Ljubljana where she continued her education at the International School, based in Geneva. She started dancing classical ballet at age five and played the violin. She stopped the violin at age twelve due to her preoccupation for classical ballet. At age fifteen she enrolled in a fashion design school and continued to dance ballet. When she was eighteen she was enrolled to the Academie De Dance Classic de Monaco under foundation of Princess Grace where she lived and danced till 21 of age. Due to a muscle injury in her right leg she could not continue to dance professionally and enrolled in the International University of Monaco where she studied Business.

She finished the BBA program and moved to London where she founded Nezha. Her jet-set lifestyle and doll like figure was the inspiration for creating the iconic almost movie like dresses. The idea for the dresses came from the High End London Party Scene where you needed to be classy, elegant with a sexy feeling. The designs of the dresses compliment a woman’s body by tightening the waist, complimenting the buttocks by a puffy skirt and therefore elongating the legs due to the higher waist. The designs at the shoulders make the womans statue look smaller. Neza now lives between Ljubljana, London and Monaco where she works and sells her couture made pieces to private clients.